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All candidates are pre-qualified then matched to employers based on skillsets and needs.
Once matched, we train each Virtual Assistant 1-on-1 and offer continued
support as they fulfill their contract. 

Our Proven 7 Steps To Success

We're looking for Virtual Assistants with
skills and/or interest in:

Admin tasks

A versatile administrative professional skilled in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. With expertise in bookkeeping, executive support, and financial reporting, they manage critical accounting and organizational tasks with precision. Proficient in data entry, billing, and invoicing, our VA also excels in HR responsibilities, including employee onboarding, interviewing, and training. They ensure your team is well-coordinated and your projects well-organized, making them an invaluable asset to any business looking to optimize productivity.

Client relations management

Expertly trained to enhance customer relationships and optimize social media engagements. They excel in client onboarding, meticulously setting up Business Pages and Ads Manager to maximize your online presence and advertising efficiency. With an eye for detail, they provide comprehensive client reporting and timely updates, ensuring all your customer interactions are well-documented and actionable. Skilled in resolving client issues and fulfilling requests, our VA proactively addresses concerns to boost client satisfaction. They also conduct client happiness surveys to gather feedback, enabling continuous improvement and fostering lasting client relationships.

Design & Copywriting

A versatile creative expert skilled in graphic design, video production, and digital content creation. They excel in using tools like Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create logos and ads, and are proficient with the Adobe Suite for producing animations, motion graphics, and explainer videos. Additionally, they specialize in branding, ad copywriting, and crafting engaging content for websites and social media, ensuring your brand communicates effectively across all platforms.

Media buying

An expert in executing and optimizing paid advertising across a variety of platforms. Skilled in managing Facebook and Instagram ads, including boosted posts, they also excel in Google Search and Display campaigns, as well as YouTube ads. This specialist develops comprehensive ad campaigns, builds targeted audiences, and conducts detailed results analysis to continuously refine ad performance. They provide thorough reporting on all campaigns and are experienced in traditional media buying for television, radio, and streaming apps, ensuring your message reaches the right audience no matter the medium.

Front & backend development

A skilled professional proficient in both front-end and back-end development. They excel in creating responsive websites and robust applications, with a strong focus on user-friendly designs and efficient database architecture. Experienced in server management and systems migrations, they ensure smooth and secure operations. This developer is also adept at integrating APIs, utilizing tools like Zapier and Twilio, and managing databases via platforms like Airtable. They specialize in designing business intelligence dashboards and performing deep business analytics, providing actionable insights to drive business decisions.

Data scraping

An expert in extracting and refining data for actionable insights. Proficient with tools like Scrapebox and Webscraper, they develop custom web scraping scripts tailored to specific data needs. This specialist excels in data cleaning and parsing, ensuring high-quality, usable data output. With strong skills in Python scripting, they handle complex ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes efficiently. Additionally, they are experienced in proxy testing and integration, guaranteeing reliable data access while maintaining security and compliance standards.

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Our Guarantee

"We’re going a step further to make sure that you are able to SCALE! We have a 60-day guarantee on our VAs. If your first matched VA doesn’t work out for any reason, we’ll re-match you with a different VA at no additional cost."


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