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Generally, after the strategy call we need a week or two to prepare for the Virtual Assistant onboarding and start date. This gives us time to find and interview the right candidates, send them to you for the review and approval process, negotiate a salary and contract for the chosen hire, and train them on your requested subjects.

IVA offers many different service levels and packages. Placement services start at just $1000 and you could pay as little as $3.13/hr for Virtual Assistant services.

The Virtual Assistants we source are implementors, not visionaries. They can follow established processes and potentially improve upon them, but they generally won't be qualified to troubleshoot them or envision new processes. We try to fill roles that include repetitive tasks, not tasks that would be better done by executives.

IVA works with digital businesses because all Virtual Assistants work remotely, not on location. Phone calls can be forwarded to an off-site location, documents can be scanned into cloud storage by you, and other processes can be set up by you to enable a Virtual Assistant to help from afar.

We source our Virtual Assistants from across the globe, but largely find great candidates in the Phillipines, Central America, and South America.

The Virtual Assistants we source can be available whenever you need them to be. They are accustomed to working U.S. business hours, but those in East Asia would potentially prefer to work during their own daytime. We ask every candidate their availability prior to qualifying them so we'll match them with businesses accordingly. We place part- and full-time Virtual Assistant.

We take on the heavy lifting of qualifying and interviewing the candidates before passing them to you so that you don't even have to interview them if you don't want to. We train them on subjects relevant to your needs. We offer to handle the salary and contract negotiations so you don't have to. We offer to provide ongoing Virtual Assistant training and support to ensure good performance. If the candidate doesn't work out we will replace them. You can be automatically billed monthly through us. Essentially, instead of a middle-man-platform you get a real-life-liaison.

Great question! We do in-depth research on the socioeconomic environments in all of our source locations and keep current on cost of living, average salary, and political situations that could impact our Virtual Assistants. We ensure everybody is making a liveable wage in their place of residence and many hires actually have a hugely increased quality of life because of being matched through Instant Virtual Assistant. We like to consider this globalizing wealth.

It varies, but most have Bachelor's degrees and some work experience. We get a lot of folks with education in Business Administration, Engineering, and Communications. Many Virtual Assistants come from the BPO industry or have been Virtual Assistants previously. Some candidates are still in school, back in school, or didn't complete higher education.

We try to keep it simple. During our strategy call we gather as much information as possible to build your ideal candidate avatar and a full job description. Then, you sit back while we sift through our applicants, compare relevant data points, assess qualifications, analyze our options, and interview them. When we have 1-3 options we'll reach out and send you an interview video. From there, you can decide to see more candidates, go with one we provided, or have us set up one or more interviews. That's it!

After you choose your Virtual Assistant we train them on the subjects you've requested and then set a call between you, them, and a representative from IVA. During that call we cover the job description, a few paperwork reminders, and then the Virtual Assistant is ready to begin! We provide educational resources to walk you through tax paperwork, account setups, onboarding meetings, a training plan, and more with your Virtual Assistant.

After our initial strategy call, we typically take 1-2 weeks to ensure you're paired with the perfect Virtual Assistant tailored to your needs. This period allows us to meticulously select, interview, and train candidates, ensuring a seamless integration into your operations.

At IVA, we pride ourselves on offering value-driven packages tailored to various needs. Our placement services begin at a competitive rate of just $1000, with Virtual Assistant services starting as low as $3.13/hr, ensuring quality without compromising on affordability.

Our Virtual Assistants are skilled implementors, adept at executing and enhancing established processes. While they excel at routine tasks, strategic and visionary roles are best handled by business leaders.

Our global talent pool primarily hails from regions known for their expertise in virtual assistance, including the Philippines, Central America, and South America.

Our Virtual Assistants are flexible and can align with your preferred timings. Whether you operate on U.S. business hours or have specific requirements, we ensure a match that fits your schedule.

Choosing IVA means opting for a personalized, hassle-free experience. We pre-screen candidates, offer tailored training, handle negotiations, and provide ongoing support. Think of us not just as a platform, but as a dedicated partner in your success.

Absolutely! We're committed to fair practices. Our research ensures that our Virtual Assistants earn a livable wage in their region, often experiencing a significant uplift in their quality of life through opportunities with IVA.

Our Virtual Assistants come with diverse backgrounds, most boasting Bachelor's degrees and relevant work experience in fields like Business Administration and Engineering. Their varied experiences, from the BPO industry to prior VA roles, ensure a rich skill set..

Our matching process is designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Post our strategy call, we dive deep into our talent pool, presenting you with top matches, often accompanied by interview videos for your convenience.

Businesses trust IVA because we offer a personalized touch, ensuring each match is tailored to specific needs. Our rigorous screening and training processes ensure that you get top-tier talent without the usual hassles of hiring

Absolutely! IVA understands that business needs can change. Our contracts are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to scale your VA support up or down based on your evolving requirements.

Quality is our top priority. We have a rigorous selection process, followed by targeted training sessions. Plus, our ongoing support and performance reviews ensure that our VAs consistently deliver top-notch service.

Of course! Our VAs are trained to assist clients of all tech proficiency levels. Whether you're a tech guru or a novice, our VAs can adapt to your comfort level, ensuring smooth collaboration.

IVA prioritizes security. All our VAs undergo thorough background checks and are trained in data privacy protocols. We also use secure platforms and tools to ensure your business information remains confidential.

Definitely! We understand that every business is unique. Let us know your specific requirements, and we'll find a VA with the expertise to match your needs.

We value feedback! Regular check-ins and reviews are part of our process. Your insights help us ensure that our VAs are always aligned with your business goals and are continuously improving.

We source VAs globally, ensuring a match that aligns with your preferred time zone. Plus, our VAs are proficient in English and are trained to communicate effectively, minimizing any potential language barriers.

By offloading routine tasks to our VAs, businesses have reported increased productivity, cost savings, and more time to focus on growth strategies. The ROI is not just in monetary terms but also in the enhanced efficiency and work-life balance for business owners.

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