How it works

Our Proven 7-step process to Success

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of our tailored virtual assistant services through our clear, seven-step process. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your business needs, each step ensures that you receive personalized, efficient support to maximize your productivity and free up your valuable time.

Step 1

Candidate Completes In-Depth Application

Candidates from around the world answer questions about education, experience, and skills to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2

Candidate Assessment

Candidates are evaluated for what we consider to be top qualifying traits: efficiency, problem-solving skills, and autonomy.

Step 3

Candidate Interviews 

Candidates participate in interviews first with Instant Virtual Assistant's expert hiring team and then with the employer in need.

Step 4

Employer and Candidate Matched 

The most suitable candidate is matched with the employer based on specific needs, wants, and culture fit.

Step 5

1-on-1 Training 

The chosen Virtual Assistant receives personalized training from Instant Virtual Assistant in the skills that the employer is in need of.

Step 6

Commencement of Work

The trained Virtual Assistant begins work with the employer after an onboarding call with the employer, the VA, and an IVA representative.

Step 7

Nesting Period 

A structured one-week transition period where IVA meets with the VA daily for a seamless integration into the workflow.

We are dedicated to providing motivated, talented, and adaptable professionals with Virtual Assistant training and job opportunities worldwide.

Our Guarantee

"We’re going a step further to make sure that you are able to SCALE! We have a 60-day guarantee on our VAs. If your first matched VA doesn’t work out for any reason, we’ll re-match you with a different VA at no additional cost."


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